Summer drop in classes are here!

What type of class is for you?

For kids!

Monday Youth Circus (6-12 yrs), 5-6pm

Wednesday Acro and Aerial (8-18yrs), 5-6pm

Thursday Youth Open Practice (8-18yrs), 5-6pm


For adults!

Sunday Aerial Conditioning, 4-5pm

Monday All Levels Handstands, 7-8pm

Monday Open Practice, 8-10pm

Tuesday Intro to Aerial, 6-7pm

Tuesday Aerial Conditioning, 7-8pm

Tuesday Full Body Stretch, 8-9pm

Wednesday Mixed Aerial Levels 1 & 2, 7-8pm

Wednesday Mixed Aerial Levels 3 & 4, 8-9pm

Thursday Open Practice, 6-8pm


For all ages!

Sunday Unicycle Meet Up (all ages), 12:30-2pm

Sunday Juggle Jam (all ages), 2-4pm

Monday Ground Skills (12+), 6-7pm

Wednesday Tumbling, all levels (12+), 6-7pm

Wednesday Juggle Jam (all ages), 8:30-10pm)

It is very important to us that no one is turned away due to lack of funds. Contact if you require financial assistance to get your circus on.