Circus is already a party - add your special occasion and it’s the best possible situation.  We offer general circus parties, Aerial and Acrobatics parties, or can work with you to create a custom parties for kids, adults, and mixed age groups as well.

Here is how our parties work:

We provide one hour of circus activity - catered to your liking. It can be based on a theme, focus on specific discipline that you are interested in (aerial, juggling, acrobatics, etc - you are welcome to come by the space and check out what we have), a general circus skills session where we try everything, or our most popular party - Acro and Aerial- which includes basic tumbling and mini trampoline, group pyramids, trapeze, and aerial fabric.

After the circus lesson, you have an hour in the space for non-circusy activity that you direct and arrange - such as food, sweets, presents, etc.  During that second hour participants are welcome to practice prop based circus skills such as plates, flower sticks, juggling, and hooping. 

Our space can hold 20 people doing circus together comfortably and we have tables and chairs for your use.  Adults are welcome to hang out and watch and family/siblings can take part with no extra fee.

Price is $250 for 10 participants and $10 per additional person. 

We ask that parties be booked 1 month in advance. Feel free to contact us with last minute requests and we will do our best to accommodate.

Contact us at to plan something awesome!


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