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We're talking aerial fabric, trapeze, juggling, tight wire, acrobatics, hooping, props, and more!

Once upon a circus folk

Join us for our annual community circus show, Once Upon a Circus Folk!

Dates: May 3-5, May 9-12

Times: Thursday - Saturday @ 7pm, Saturday and Sunday at 3pm

Ticket prices: $15 adult, $10 student / senior, $5 kids

We also have a limited number of accessible seats reserved for those with accessibility needs and their guests only. Each ticket represents one folding chair or a space for a wheelchair.

There will be an special abridged version of the show on both Saturdays at 12pm which is geared towards kids 5 and under and will run for about 30 minutes. Tickers are $5 for adults and free for kids.

Registration now open for Spring classes

We offer both drop in classes and 12 week courses for all ages in a variety of disciplines including aerials, acrobatics, tumbling, unicycling, juggling, handstands and more! 

Our 12 week semester runs from March 31 - June 28 - contact us if you’re interested in joining! Drop ins are ongoing - join anytime!

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Circus is for everyone! If there are barriers to your participation, financial or otherwise, please contact us!

Summer camp registration open